Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy


Shock Therapy provided for review by We Love Toys


I’ve reached a point in my relationship with pipedream products where I really only expect to be amused by how poorly thought out and cheaply made they are. I admit that sometimes I obtain them just so I can have fun with the review. You know you love reading scathing reviews of terrible products. I love writing them, too. However, I was surprised by this product. Though the box art is still totally silly and they threw in that damn blindfold that comes with everything in the Fetish Fantasy Series. Because the more into BDSM you are the more identical cheap blindfolds (they call it a love mask) you need?

The Shock Therapy is a set that includes four gel adhesive pads, a bi-polar lead wire, and a digital power control unit. The use of the product is exactly what you would think from that list of parts: You attach the lead wire to the pads, the pads to a person, and then a small shock is delivered in the location of the pads. Unless there is any hair where you want the shock to be delivered. Of course the pads need to be directly attached to skin.

The pads themselves are reusable though the gel gets more tacky and less sticky over time and you cannot clean them so if you use this toy often you will need to buy replacement pads. That’s not really a big deal if you want to stick to non-genital shocking but if you apply these directly to an anus or vagina they should probably be replaced. Another accessory offered is the “Electro-Sex Gel” which will make the shocks more intense. Though so will any water-based lube.

The apparatus requires two AAA batteries (not included) and has some fairly obvious safety warnings. For instance, you should not use this product while operating heavy machinery, while pregnant, or if you have a pacemaker. There are several more listed on the instruction page (external use only!) but using common sense will pretty much cover it.

It actually works pretty well for what it is. Don’t get me wrong, you can still tell that this product is very cheaply made but unlike some of pipedream’s other products it is at least usable. There are three modes that you can switch between as well as a speed and intensity options that you can control. The modes are tap, modulation, and kneading. The tap is basically a throbbing sensation, the modulation feels like it is a random shift between the other two modes and the kneading mode is continuous and intense. It is nice to have the three modes to shift between and the shock of the device ranges from barely felt to almost too much to handle.


Switching between modes, speed, and power are all fairly easy and occur with the simple click of one of the buttons on the digital controller. Unfortunately if you don’t have the instructions in front of you the display is not that useful. The speed and power bars are easy enough to understand but the mode indicators and “intensity state” indicators don’t make a lot of sense.


Having never used a product like this before, I was a bit nervous to try it out. Especially tied to a chair in our living room. The tension and anticipation is, of course, quite titillating. It may be the best part this product has to offer.

Not that I’m trying to imply there aren’t other great parts.

Joseph placed the gel adhesive pads first on my butt and the backs of my thighs. The sensation didn’t hurt at any point in time, but it was quite intense to experience. He started gently, since we’ve never done this before. I would highly recommend testing it out similarly. Though this product did not cause me any pain or serious discomfort, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone else’s reaction was much more distressed. Besides, it’s fun to know that the shocks will become more intense. Take it slow, build it up.

The three modes feels exactly how they sound — tap, modulation, and kneading. I found all three to be pleasing, though the tapping was a bit grating when prolonged. After going through the various levels of speed, intensity, and modes, I wanted to experience more and I suspected that this desire would be satisfied by the pads being placed on my nipples and my pelvis. I asked (as nicely as I could), if Joseph would do that next. He said he had already planned to, though apparently not without some spanking. I mention this for my BDSM-inclined readers out there, who can probably guess that spanking combined either before or after with electric shock produces extra sensitivity and pleasure.

After he moved the pads and began the same process as before, I was no longer capable of keeping up with what he was doing. I remember feeling almost totally overwhelmed by sensation. Obviously, I hope to do it again soon. Tied up in another compromising position.

Other than my internally confused reaction to it being called “Shock Therapy: Electro-Sex Kit”, which can at best be described as aroused and horrified at the recollection of Nurse Ratched, I really have no issues with this product. Oh, I wish that it would re-charge instead of using batteries. I won’t get into the packaging because that’s not going to change anytime soon. It’s a good product.


Shock Therapy: The Movie from Mimi & Joseph on Vimeo.

The Naked Truth

Aesthetics: ★★★★☆

Functionality: ★★★★★

Craftsmanship: ★★★☆☆

Ease of Cleaning: ★☆☆☆☆

Safety: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★☆

Sex in the Shower Suction Hand Cuffs

Sex in the Shower Suction Hand Cuffs provided by Vibrator.com


The hand cuffs are one of the more simply designed products that we’ve reviewed. But that doesn’t keep them from being great!

Essentially they are soft Velcro cuffs attached to heavy duty suction cups. Sex in the Shower is a division of Sportsheets so for anyone that has tried the Under the Bed Restraint System, these cuffs will feel very familiar. Soft but not padded and firm but not uncomfortable, the cuffs are just right for feeling confined without getting hurt. Depending on how you feel about power play, that can be good or bad.

The suction cups are extremely powerful and will stay on the wall through the roughest of play. They do, however slide around a little bit. Not enough that it was a problem for us, but if one of your vibrators makes you squirm, you may find it annoying.

The beautiful thing about a product like this is that the possible uses for it are nearly limitless. The cuffs are independent of one another and will stick to almost any flat surface. For the bath of course, but also car windows, desktops, mirrors, etc…

Don’t worry, her head is above water. At this moment…



I had mixed feelings about this product. Sure, I love my Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System, but I’m skeptical of suction cups being able to handle rough, raucous, raunchy sex. Maybe it’s because the suction cup (not) holding my razor in place is a piece of shit that falls off the wall all the time.

Not the case here! We really tugged hard on them and they stayed stuck to the wall. Standing or bathing, they are quite useful for some bondage play. And the bound individual/slave/submissive/etc. can fairly easily let his or herself out, so there’s not really any risk of drowning. (Heh. For some of you, that might be a turn-off.)

There isn’t really much more to say. Like the Under the Bed Restraint System, it’s a very simple product that performs exactly the way it’s meant to perform. Hurray for effective design!

The Naked Truth

Aesthetics: ★★★★☆

Functionality: ★★★★★

Craftsmanship: ★★★★★

Ease of Installation: ★★★★★

Discretion: ★★★★★

Safety ★★★★★

Review: Basic breathe-easy ball gag

Basic breathe-easy ball gag provided for review by Eden Fantasys


This is my first experience with a manufactured gag. I mean, I can’t say that it is my first experience with a gag because arguably anything that can be crammed in a mouth is a gag and I’ve had so many things crammed in my mouth….you don’t even know.

As first experiences go, it was a pretty great one. I opened this product up and popped it in my mouth right out of the bag (lets hope the person that put it in there washed their hands) because I wanted to see if it really was easy to breathe through. It is! Though after some heavy breathing it gets a bit…slobbery but as anyone that has every played a wind instrument knows, there is really no way around that.

Because the ball is made from 100% silicone, it is really easy to clean and phthalates free which are both great things. If you can’t tell from the pictures, the nylon straps are held onto the side of the ball via metal snaps and there is an adjustable clasp closure. The ball itself is 2” long by 1 ¾” wide with 1 ¼” insertable length. For reference…it is slightly larger than a ping pong ball.

The clasp is the only thing about this product that I don’t like. It has to be threaded each time the gag is put on which makes it very easily (unavoidably) adjustable, but can be somewhat annoying and cumbersome. My thinking is that the only reason one would need an enclosure type that needs to be adjusted every single time is if you are with several different partners quite frequently. For someone using it on the same person most of the time, it seems like a clasp like on a bike helmet or Timbuk 2 messenger bag would be easier to manage. You’d have to adjust it once and then you could just clip it shut.

You're a bad girl, shut u-oh..hold on...effing strap...damn it...THERE. Shit.

That is a relatively small complaint though. This is still a very well made and easy to use product.


I have used cloth for gags in the past, but generally the consensus amongst myself and lovers has been to let me have free use of my mouth. It may have something to do with how much I enjoy kissing and biting, or my propensity for being loud and saying barely coherent things (can you say, “ego boost”?). I don’t know, and I don’t really care. However, I do enjoy having things put into my mouth – forcefully (though consensual) or not – and I have long wanted to try a ball gag.

So why has it taken this long to get my hands on one? No, it’s not because I’m a starving artist in training. It’s because I have problems with my jaw, which can make chewing, blowing dick, or dentist visits painful. I do all of these things anyway, so of course trying out a ball gag was an option, it was just a matter of finding the right one to start with. My poor, spoiled little bitch mouth needs to take a baby step, not a leap.

And baby step we did! The Basic Breathe-Easy ball gag is not very large, comfortable, and easy to use. Oh, and it doesn’t smell or taste bad. It’ll stay that way provided that you clean it properly, which should be easy peasy because the gag itself is silicone. If you’ve been reading our reviews, you know that silicone is amazingly easy to clean – boil it for about 10 minutes or put it in your dishwasher’s top rack without soap. As for the nylon, metal, and plastic straps that you may get saliva on, wash with with soap and hot water in the sink. No big deal.

The reason I’m telling you all of this personal information is because I’d like you to understand that if you’re coming from a similar perspective, for whatever reason, then this ball gag is probably your perfect gateway gag. Beginners, mild BDSM-ers, TMJ-ers, and those with sensitive gag reflexes or prone to colds and congestion. No excuses! Gag yourself before I harmless internet threat all over you! Raawwwwwww!!!!

The Naked Truth

Aesthetics: ★★★★☆

Functionality: ★★★★★

Craftsmanship: ★★★★★

Ease of Installation: ★★★½☆

Discretion: N/A

Safety: ★★★★★

Overall: ★★★★½

Also, you can be a clown. Everybody loves clowns. Like John Wayne Gacy, Jr.