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Sexual orientation: Pansexual / Art Fag

Turn-ons: Semen, lingerie, legs (women), hands and arms (men), ghost-like caresses, bondage, well-written erotica (including dirty emails from Joseph), aggressiveness, voyeurism, mild exhibitionism, delicious food, self-awareness, stilettos, motorcycles, leather, corsets, arty and “sophisticated” body modification, oil paint, and spanking.

Turn-offs: Latex, bravado, indecisiveness, indifference, breast implants, most porn (although it can be funny), toys that aren’t made with cleanliness in mind, spitting, fake tans, shitty tattoos, and people attempting to be dominant when they really aren’t ready/don’t have it in them.

I am a visual artist, who also enjoys writing, cooking, yoga, running and learning new things, such as piano, book-making and foreign languages. I have always been obsessively interested in sexuality – conceptually speaking as well as within my own life – and that paired with my generalĀ initiativeĀ attitude has led to a wide variety of experiences and seemingly endless discussion.

My first vibrator was a version of the rabbit-style vibrators, a Rockin’ Robin, and it was actually rather frightening to me! I bought it on a whim at the insistence of a female friend who, obviously, has a body with different needs than mine. I also had less conception of what I needed in the first place. Eventually I got rid of that vibrator and made it my mission to understand my body better and how to please myself.

Lovers and toys later, I am currently living with my husband, Joseph, and I feel more in possession of my body and my sexuality than I ever have. It is something that I happily, joyously share with him and we explore ourselves and each other further with the trust and intimacy that we have cultivated.

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