About Joseph

Sexual orientation: Straight (unfortunately)

Turn-Ons: Honest desire. Bright eyes, big smiles, and short skirts. The potential of getting caught. Trying new things.

Turn-Offs: Deceit and desperation. Obsequiousness in all its forms. Mainstream porn and fake tans. Lack of humor.

I enjoy writing, reading, biking, camping, rhetoric, playing in the rain, and pretending to dislike rice.

Sex started off as something terrifying to me because I could always tell that it was important and for the longest time it was foreign to me.Only recently have I become comfortable enough with my sexuality to see it as what it should be: a part of myself to be explored and acknowledged rather than repressed or wielded.

My first toy (as with all men) was my hand. I still find it to be the best and most well-fitted to my needs. The first toy that I used on another was Mimi’s Hitachi wand and we’ve been playing with new, sometimes wonderful and often hilarious toys ever since.

This website has proven to be a continual adventure and learning experience for me.  From researching the difference between elastomer and elastomed to slowly and tediously learning bits of php, Undressed Reviews forces me to grow. That’s what I love about our approach. Sure, we make dick jokes but behind it all we’re pushing for growth, sexually and otherwise.

UPDATE: 10/2/2010

Joseph no longer participates in reviews because he is incredibly busy.

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