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We write honest and demanding reviews for sex-related products because we believe in the importance of open communication and that through this standard, we can benefit ourselves as well as others in the pursuit of happiness, equality, and fulfillment. Sexuality is more than just what we do in the bedroom. Denial, reinforcing taboos, willful ignorance, fear, or self-righteousness will not protect us from the hazards, nor will it strengthen an individual’s morals. Information, however, can at least provide ammunition in the potential event of sexual (psychological, physical, emotional) conflict and crisis. The genuine confidence that information can stimulate will keep you afloat better than a lot of hot air.

Of course, we are not experts or professionals. (Links will be included for reference to professional and approved sources of information.) We are not under the impression that our level of “hotness” is so high that it warrants a website of its very own, or that we are particularly enlightened in the ways of fucking ethically. We are simply two individuals who believe that our differing backgrounds and overlapping values could potentially make sex products more approachable and enjoyable. I can’t speak for Joseph in this regard, but I am hoping that by relating my I-can’t-believe-I-did-that moments other people can avoid similar experiences, possibly suffering dire consequences that I was lucky enough to escape. Maybe one day we will be experts…

One step at a time.

For now, I hope that you enjoy the site and have pleasant, safe sexual adventures!

With lube,

Joseph & Mimi

p.s. Our cats sometimes make appearances in videos and photographs. If you have cats of your own that you love, then you understand how cats just end up making themselves part of whatever you’re doing whenever they feel like it. I hope you are as amused by their presence as we are.

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