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hi mimi,

I have been reading your review/blog site and is quite interesting.  I have a question. What would you recommend: pjur MY sexual enhancers, K-Y INTENSE Arousal Gel for Her and Durex Play Utopia Female Arousal Gel?

I have used Durex and I really really like it, but I am not sure what [to] buy next–KY or pjur.  I have used for years pjur original and eros and they are both fantastic.

Thanks!  And I am sorry if you don’t usually answer this kind of emails.  It can end up being a post ;)

Warm regards,


Dear C,

First of all, thanks for reading our blog! We appreciate it a lot. You can email me or Joseph anytime with questions. This is becoming a post ’cause no one else asked me anything. Yay!

Secondly, onto the lube. I have never used a “sexual enhancement”-esque lube other than the flavored sort, so I can’t speak about any of your options from experience. Pjur is a good brand for lube, so of the three I would probably choose that one on account of familiarity and pre-established trust. I’ve used the brands KY and Durex in the past, but they were not particularly great for me.

However, something to bear in mind with lube is that everyone’s body functions differently and thus has different requirements. I don’t self-lubricate very well, so my body needs a lube that lasts long without tackiness. Plus, a few of my favourite toys are silicone, so I can’t use silicone-based lube with them and must be mindful of that when purchasing lube.  Maybe those aren’t concerns of yours, but I’m sure there are other priorities you have for lube.

Maximus, Liquid Silk, Slippery Stuff Gel, pjur, and Babeland are brands I have used in the past with noteworthy results (i.e., I can actually remember them).

Good luck with your lube shopping! If you have any other questions, feel free to send me another email or respond directly in this post. Whatever your preference.

- Mimi

Dear Mimi – Update & Formspring

Dear Mimi,

How’s Joseph’s father doing, if you don’t mind me asking?!

Why don’t you use formspring? Oops thats two questions.

- anonymous

Dear Anonymous person who can count,

Joseph’s father is doing much better! I won’t get into specifics – you understand, right? – but the situation is less dire for him. We should be able to begin posting again soon, even if we just start with our Guest Reviewers.

We don’t use Formspring because we don’t see the point, to be blunt. I mean, our readers can ask us anything via email, Facebook, or Tumblr. We already have those forums in place so there really isn’t much reason to open another account.  I spend enough time at the computer, thanks.

But if you want to tie me to this chair (and I know some of you do), you can send me some more questions, comments, complaints, etc. at or Also, Gmail chat is fun on a bun and will definitely keep me trapped here for-ev-er. Sandlot style.

Update: Where’d we disappear to?

I’m going to keep this short for reasons that are about to be very obvious. Joseph’s father is in the ICU at the hospital and a few other difficulties (though minor by comparison) have flared up. We know that you live and breathe for Undressed Reviews, but I’m sure you can find something to sustain you elsewhere until we’re back on schedule.

Thanks for your patience!

- Mimi